DFY Fitness Planner

DFY Fitness Planner

Help your customers boost their fitness journey with our comprehensive 22-page Fitness Planner. This beautifully designed planner encompasses all the essential elements to help you achieve your health goals. From setting fitness targets and tracking progress to organizing your meals and sleep patterns, our planner is your ultimate companion for success.

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With dedicated sections for daily, weekly, and monthly fitness routines, you can effortlessly plan and monitor your workouts. Reflect on your achievements and jot down inspiring notes in the reflection and journal pages. Keep tabs on your cardio and strength training progress with dedicated trackers, while our workout and running logs help you maintain a detailed record of your exercises.

Take charge of your nutrition with the meal planner and meal calendar sections, ensuring a well-balanced diet. Monitor your weight, supplements, and sleep patterns with easy-to-use trackers. Additionally, engage in our 30-day fitness challenge, capture your progress with progress photos, and track your measurements with our measurement charts. With custom graphics throughout, our Fitness Planner is the ultimate tool to optimize your fitness journey. Start maximizing your potential today!

Pages include:

  • cover 
  • fitness goals
  • belongs to
  • daily fitness
  • weekly fitness
  • monthly fitness
  • reflection, notes
  • journal
  • cardio tracker
  • workout log
  • running log
  • sleep tracker
  • strength training
  • weight tracker
  • meal planner
  • meal calendar
  • supplement tracker
  • 30-day fitness challenge
  • progress photos
  • measurement charts

TERMS OF USE: This Planner Comes with PLR (private label rights). You can sell it or give it away as-is in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format. Or you can rebrand, redesign, and sell it with a unique design. You may NOT sell or give away the original templates as your own, or as PLR products (special exceptions for custom-made graphics).

GRAPHICS: The cover graphics included in this template are custom-made. Other graphics included may be available in Canva.

*This is a printable product. Nothing will be shipped.

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